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Band History




The Chain Gang was started in the fall of 1965 with the members of two local high school bands coming together....George Fanno and John Quarterer from the Coachman, and Keith Magne and Ronnie DeLong from the Epics.    Immediately the band was a local hit, playing at various Floral Park Memorial HS functions, and local Church(St. Hedwigs) affairs...In the winter of 1966, the band expanded its playing area and landed regular Sat. night gigs in Brooklyn..first at the Safari Club, and then the Boccocio club....It was at the Boccacio club that the band was introduced to recording star Kenny Chandler.  The band and Chandler hit it off and then joined together for two successive summer tours of Newfoundland Canada...In between the summer tours, two band members were replaced, Tony Pizzarelli replaced Delong, and Mike Frasetti replaced Quarterer....adding an organ sound to the group. It was at this time, in the fall of 1966 that the groups popularity began to take off.
The clubs that were regulars on the band's playing circuit were the most popular in Nassau county; The Straw Hat, Whales College Lounge, Community Gardens, The Coach N' Four, The Picture Lounge, and many events at Nassau Community College...In the spring of 1967 the band recorded  with Kenny Chandler at the RCA studios in NYC and recorded demos and in the fall of 1967 recorded demos on their own with Sunray Records....unfortunately , no records were ever released...
In the fall of 1968, disaster stuck the group as founding member Keith Magne was drafted and assigned to Vietnam...the group was never the same and eventually was reformed with remaining members George  and
Tony with 5  new members, as the Seventh House....The Chain Gang has never performed again, except for a brief jam session at the 40th Birthday party of George in  1988.